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Application for New Members

KMGA New Member Application

Please be sure to complete the application, print & mail along with membership dues ($25.00) to KMGA, info below. Please check the KYMGA page for youth dues. Please make your check payable to KMGA. Upon receipt, your information will be added to the on line Member Directory, allowing a reasonable amount of time for editing.

Thank You!

Mail To:

Mulberry Meadows

Carol Bachofer

1657 N Wyman Rd

Brookville, KS 67425





City:    State:    Zip:  

County:         Cell:

Business Name:  


How did you hear about KMGA? 

What or Whom:

Do you have children who might be interested in KYMGA (youth)?

  Yes       No      Need more info.

Children's ages? 3-6   7-9  10-13  14-19       

How many children?                Are children in 4-H?  Yes    No

Is there currently a Meat Goat Project in your county? Yes    No                           How many years?

Would you like help with starting a Meat Goat Project in your county?   Yes    No

Do you currently have goats?   Yes    No        How many in your herd? 

Are you a breeder?  Yes    No

What is your primary breed of goat?           

Crossed with? 

Is your stock primarily full blood? Yes    No             

Commercial Stock/Percentage  Yes    No


Show Stock                             Yes    No


Registered Stock                      Yes    No


How do you primarily reduce your stock? 

Private sale     Sale Barn     4-H     Other

Yearly $25 dues included?   Yes     No          Check #

Important: Please be aware that KMGA is trying to utilize the internet as the most timely & cost effective method to keep our members informed. We currently utilize the internet to distribute any/all correspondence to members with internet access. Those who do not have email or internet access will continue to receive all correspondence via US Mail service.  

Do you have a computer?  Yes   No        Internet access?  Yes     No

May we submit monthly minutes, flyers, & other association related correspondence to you by email?            

Yes   No            Email Address:


KMGA encourages all members to be an active part this Association. A strong organization requires member involvement.

In what way/ways would you like to be involved?  Some examples might be: Committee Chair, Speaker, Professional  - examples: nutritionist, veterinary medicine/management, etc.


Please indicate in the space provided below.



Any additional Questions or Comments you may have for the Association,  Please indicate in the space provided below.


Questions? Please contact KMGA Webmaster

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